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Streethouse Junior, Infants & Nursery School

School Council


What is School Council?

The School Council:

  • Helps the adults know what the children think
  • Helps to improve our school
  • Comes up with ideas to help change our school
  • Everyone can be involved
  • Children have good ideas, what is best for each other and makes them happy


  The School Council works as a team


     Click on the link below to see our 

     Council Action Plan and School Councillor Contract

                                                      Head Boy                                              Head Girl

                                                    Kai Morgan                                        Dionne Hardwick 


​Deputy Head Boy

Logan North​

Deputy Head Girl​

Molly Jasper​

Hepworth Class Members

Cameron Richardson

Marylou Wormall​

Picasso Class Members

Dylan Smith

Oliver Dye

Lola Poole

Liliana Bizon​

Kandinsky Class Members

​Darci Nevaeh Goodwill

Lilly Cairns​